Bio-Protective Paint

against bacteria and microorganisms


Buildings Facades

Vertical surfaces and facades of buildings in particular are subject to the most exigent and changing conditions, such as UV radiation, high temperatures, sub-freezing conditions, ice-thaw cycles or the passage of water. In addition, the aesthetic factor must also be taken into account, since the painting not only acts as a protective barrier of the structure, but also to improve the aesthetics of the building. In this way, the application of PROPAINT-BIO paints is very advantageous to guarantee the preservation of the paint in perfect conditions for much longer.

Resistance to humidity

Maintaining the same objective as in the case of façades, PROPAINT-BIO paints have proven to be an excellent solution to improve the conservation of surfaces in an intimate and prolonged contact with water, such as bathtubs, pools, fences or ponds. Thanks to the acrylic film that forms when painting, the water does not penetrate, it remains on the surface, thus ensuring the preservation in good condition of the treated material in the event of breakages due to ice formation or contaminations caused by pathogenic microorganisms.


In addition to its application on facades, it is important to highlight the advantages of applying our PROPAINT-BIO paints inside the buildings. It has been shown in recent studies that the spaces where there is a greater concentration of contaminating gases and mites are inside the homes. Therefore, this fact, together with the multiple sources of dirt of daily life, make our super resistant paintings an optimal solution to preserve the aesthetics of homes and to facilitate their cleaning.

Hospitals, nurseries ....

In certain places, such as hospitals, nurseries, swimming pools or gyms, maximum hygiene is essential, a complete absence of pathogens in the environment that can cause disease or infection. Precisely because our paint contains preservatives against the growth and proliferation of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, it is an excellent option for its application in these places, thus securing the achievement of much healthier and cleaner environments.

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