Pintura Ultra-Resistente


Building Facades

The vertical surfaces, and the facades of buildings in particular, are subject to the most demanding and changing conditions, such as UV radiation, high temperatures, subzero conditions, ice-thaw cycle or the passage of water. In addition, the aesthetic factor must also be taken into account, as the paint not only acts as a protective barrier of the structure, but also to improve the aesthetics of the building. In this way, the application of PROPAINT-RESIST paints is very advantageous to guarantee the preservation of the painting in perfect conditions for much longer.

Parkings and garages

The parking areas and garages are one of the areas with the greatest wear and tear, due to their continuous exposure to cars and pedestrians during all the days of the year. For this reason, PROPAINT-RESIST paints appear as an excellent option for these environments, thus guaranteeing a total protection of the paint.


In addition to its application in facades, it is worth noting the advantages that come with the application of our PROPAINT-RESIST paints inside buildings. It has been verified in recent studies that the spaces where there is a greater concentration of polluting gases and mites are inside homes. Therefore, this fact, together with the multiple sources of dirt of daily life, make our super resistant paints an optimal solution to preserve the aesthetics of homes and facilitate their cleaning.

Paving and Sidewalks

To give the surface a more intense and lasting color, a great option is the application of the PROPAINT-RESIST range of paints and pavements. Our paint is offered in a wide chromatic range and, when developed in our own facilities, allows us to adapt to the type of support in question and the requirements depending on the objective. In this way, with these active paints can be added value in terms of aesthetics and mechanical properties on horizontal surfaces.

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