Bio-Protective Paint

against bacteria and microorganisms


White Paint

PROPAINT-BIO white paints guarantee total whiteness  over time. Thanks to the tests that we carry out on a regular basis to our own paintings, we have been able to combine the characteristics of each of its components to achieve a value greater than 90% whiteness according to the measurements made with our CIELAB photometer, as described in The ASTM E313-00 standard.

In addition, thanks to the hydrophobic character of our paint and its acrylic behavior, it makes the surface on which our paint is applied does not suffer fouling problems associated with humidity, drag with water or adherence of dust. In this way, it is possible to preserve in perfect conditions the original color of the product.

Color Range

Continuing with the quality policy that characterizes our products PROPAINT-BIO, from the Technical Department of PROQUICESA we have developed a wide chromatic range. These colors include those with a more usual sale, such as white, blue, yellow, etc; and we also offer the customer the opportunity to make customized colors, so as to adapt to the needs of the customer.

In this way, we provide the possibility of equalizing the properties of any conventional paint, but with the added advantage of granting an unsurpassed resistance to the passage of time, the attack of microorganisms and humidity, at a very competitive price.

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