Bio-Protective Paint

against bacteria and microorganisms



PROPAINT-BIO paints are a new type of special paints, applicable both in exterior and interior, available in a wide chromatic range. They have high adhesion on any surface, both wet and dry, in ceramic coatings, concrete, galvanized and polyurethanes. Formulated with the most advanced technology in special emulsion copolymers, with pigments and extenders of maximum quality and anti-mold effect on the film. Inhibits and prevents the growth of bacteria, even after repeated cleaning cycles (effect unalterable over time). Thanks to its acrylic character provides a high resistance, which repels water and dirt, both organic and inorganic.

Leader Technology

PROPAINT-BIO paints have been developed and evaluated in our own facilities, which consist of a pilot plant and fully equipped chemical and physical testing laboratories. This represents a great advantage, as it allows us to evaluate its performance and its durability, in order to guarantee the customer the disposal of a fully tested product. In this way, it is possible to verify the outstanding resistance of PROPAINT-BIO paint in comparison to conventional paints under all weather conditions, microorganisms and scrubbing.

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