Based on Photocatalysis Technology


Buildings Facades

Like any painting, the main application of PROCLEAN-AIR paints is its application on vertical surfaces. Also, due to the characteristic decontaminating quality of our products, this application is of special interest for  buildings facades and other outdoor surfaces, since it is in direct contact with the atmospheric pollution and solar radiation. This fact allows to achieve a greater photocatalytic efficiency and, therefore, a greater decontaminating capacity.

Paving and sidewalks

Keeping the same objective as in the case of facades, the paints have been shown as an excellent solution to reduce pollution and preserve the good condition of sidewalks and pavements. Even, as cars are one of the main sources of pollutants, it is a very interesting solution to place the paint near sources of pollution, thus reducing its impact on the atmosphere. The quality of our products has not only been measured by their photocatalytic activity but also corroborating that their application does not alter the properties of the material in relation to sliding or color.


In order to promote the use of photocatalysis in different areas, PROCLEAN-AIR paints have developed novel products that allow their application indoors. These paints allow to activate the process of photocatalisis by the visible light provided by the lamps. In this way, this range of paints provides a much healthier environments thanks to the removal of contaminants and retain their properties unchanged over time thanks to its self-cleaning capability.

Historical Heritage

Beyond the decontaminating properties of PROCLEAN-AIR paints, the self-cleaning ability of these paints makes it highly recommended for use in buildings and other constructions considered of tourist and / or cultural interest. It is of great importance to ensure the optimum conservation of these architectural elements, so that the use of these photocatalytic paints allows to guarantee its preservation and to keep its original characteristics unaltered.

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