Ultra-Resistant Paint


PROPAINT-RESIST paints allow the surface on which an unsurpassed resistance to weather inclemencies, the passing of time and ultraviolet radiation to be applied. Thanks to these properties, a total conservation of the color and texture of the original paint is achieved and the properties of the surface on which it is applied are preserved intact.

The properties of PROPAINT-RESIST paints have been tested under extreme conditions for a long time: temperatures below zero, temperatures above 60ºC, complete submergence in water and continuous rubbing. In this way, we can guarantee its total resistance and inalterability, thus ensuring that the painting persists in perfect condition over time.

PROPAINT-RESIST paints are interior and exterior paints with water-repellent properties and excellent wet rub resistance. Thanks to a film of waterproof coating and resistant to abrasion and wear make this paint an unbeatable option for application on pavements and floors.


PROPAINT-RESIST paints base their action on the combination of resins and loads of the highest quality, whose combination produces maximum strength and durability to the surface, keeping it intact with time and pedestrian passage, changing weather conditions and humidity.

Technical Data Sheet PROPAINT-RESIST.png