Based on Photocatalysis Technology



PROCLEAN-AIR paints are a new type of photocatalytic paints, applicable both indoor and outdoor, available in white and in transparent format, which allows their application on any surface of any color, without their physical and aesthetics properties are altered. This new product has been the result of years of research and experimentation, in which it has been able to gather an extensive know-how fruit of the collaboration with several of the most important companies of the sector. This experience allows us to provide our customers with the most advanced technical solutions according to their requirements and needs.

Leader Technology

PROCLEAN-AIR paints have been developed and evaluated in our own facilities, which consist of a pilot plant and fully equipped chemical and physical testing laboratories. This represents a great advantage, since it allows us to evaluate its performance and its durability, in order to guarantee to the client the optimal performance of our paintings. In addition, to mark the properties of each of our products, all the commercialized paintings are tested externally at a technology center specialized in the area of photocatalysis.

Pintura fotocatalitica

Iberian Association of Photocatalysis

As a sign of the firm commitment realized, our paintings have been validated by the Iberian Association of Photocatalysis (AIF). A non-profit association and main driver of the diffusion of photocatalysis and its application in construction. Among its main objectives is also to avoid intrusiveness in the sector with products that do not really provide added value to traditional paintings, so to associate it requires strong evidence of good performance of each product offered, as well as other requirements to assist in their assessment and verification.

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