Based on Photocatalysis Technology

PROCLEAN-AIR paints are characterized by combining in their development the two fundamental pillars of our company: R+D+i and the preservation of the environment. In this way, both characteristics are perfectly combined in our photocatalytic paintings throughout the entire production process, from its formulation in the laboratory to its bulk shipment.

This strong wager to research, development and innovation begins with the firm commitment to provide the best products for the specific needs of each client. For this reason, PROCLEAN-AIR paints are able to offer the most innovative technologies on the market in their products from the use of nanotechnology in their composition and the optimization of their performance through the tests carried out in our own pilot plant and laboratories.

On the other hand, since PROCLEAN-AIR we have always been aware of the serious deterioration of the environment due to industrialization and the need to take preventive measures as soon as possible. Faced with this need, it has been decided to bet on a new method of mitigating environmental pollution and improving the living conditions of people: the application of photocatalytic paints.

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