Pintura Ultra Resistente

PROPAINT-RESIST paints are acrylic-styrene paints capable of providing any color, with a great anchorage, as well as ensuring the conservation in perfect conditions of the surface where the product is applied.

Precisely, this acrylic character and the balanced synergy of its components allow us to provide our paintings with total impermeability, and maintenance of their properties in adverse weather conditions (hot and cold climates, changing temperatures, high humidity ...). In addition, thanks to the creation of a thin transparent film, the surface is protected against ultraviolet radiation and facilitates the cleaning of the walls without being altered by the wet rub.

The development of this new type of paintings is the result of a solid commitment to research, development and innovation, with the firm purpose of providing the best products for the specific needs of each client. For this reason, PROPAINT-RESIST paints are able to offer the most innovative technologies on the market based on the optimization of their performance through the tests carried out in our own pilot plant and laboratories.