Based on Photocatalysis Technology


Transparent Paint

As an interesting option to conventional products, we offer our customers a colorless photocatalytic compound capable of providing these decontaminating and self-cleaning properties to any porous surface. This transparent range of PROCLEAN-AIR paints has the particular advantage of providing a remarkable photocatalytic activity without altering its visual or structural properties to the place where it is applied.

This particular feature offered by this new product makes it ideal for its application in public works, paving and sites with special interest in minimizing the presence of contaminants and infectious agents, without causing any damage or alteration in its esthetics

White Paint

Beyond our colorless photocatalytic painting, in our product we also include a white photocatalytic paint that combines the highest possible whiteness indexes, requiring only 1-2 layers, as well as remarkable photocatalytic properties.

These paintings, whose formulation has included pigments and various mineral fillers according to the specific needs, maintain their photocatalytic properties intact with respect to the base paint, so they are presented as an excellent option for use in renovation and decoration.

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