Based on Photocatalysis Technology

A sustainable building is defined as any building that is energetically efficient and respectful to the environment.

At present, the buildings are not conceived as a simple architectural element, since the constructions are one of the main responsible in the world energy consumption and, therefore, in the emission of polluting gases to the atmosphere.

In this way, PROCLEAN-AIR photocatalytic paintings are shown as a way towards the achievement of some buildings and, therefore, sustainable cities: capable of reducing pollution and emission of polluting gases.

To this fact, it is necessary to join that thanks to the photocatalytic technology, a better use of the solar energy is got, thanks to the absorption on its surface of the light radiation. This achieves a qualitative improvement in the use of energy, a saving of energy consumption and, therefore, a decrease in the emission of pollutants.

In addition, as a matter of note, PROCLEAN-AIR paints are produced using products that are harmless to the environment, thus showing our firm commitment to the care of nature throughout the same production process.

Sustainable building

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